Snare Drums for Sale

one-of-a-kind drums


IMG_1769      Ludwig repro drum   10-ply Keller shell with Ludwig Hardware                     SOLD

 2013-10-14 18.30.39    Just for Fun – 10 ply Keller maple shell with white hardware and  Gibralter Dunnett throw

blkwal3   Black Oak, 1-ply Vaughncraft shell with SLingerland TDR strainer                  SOLD

SLINGERLAND REPRO        2013-10-14 17.23.36       Slingerland repro – maple segment shell with Slingerland Hardware and TDR strainer

drums.8      Slingerland Super Sound King snare drum

Teak Snare   Solid 1-ply Vaughncraft Mahogany shell with Die cast hoops and Slingerland TDR strainer

drums.4  Solid 1-ply maple piccolo snare           SOLD