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A composition is an original and unique work of music written by a composer.  A composition can be as simple as a melody.   An accomplished composer  is one who can not only come up with the melody, but can set that melody within the framework of a form, complete with transitions, developments, introductions and endings, etc, and also orchestrate the work.  Professional film composers often write out “sketch” scores and hand these scores to an orchestra tor who then realizes the composer’s ideas into a complete orchestration.  Some composers do this because of deadlines.  John Williams can certainly orchestrate his own music, but it is more time efficient to have someone else do the orchestration.  There are other composers who do not have the orchestration skills.

An orchestration does not necessarily mean “for an orchestra.”  If I am asked to write a composition for band, I will “orchestrate” the work for a band.  Actually, in the case of compositions for instrumental ensembles other than string groups, a more appropriate work would be “arranging.”   When you see a work for an instrumental ensemble and read “composed and arranged by,” this means that the composer wrote all f the individual parts.

An arrangement happens when someone takes a piece of music written by someone else and “adapts” that piece for a different musical ensemble.  For example, if I were to take a Duke Ellington song, like “It Don’t Mean a Thing” and write it for a clarinet ensemble, I am arranging that work.

A good arranger can be considered a composer of sorts.  A good arranger must also know:

  • Instrumental ranges and capabilities.
  • The different tone colors produced by instruments in different ranges
  • How to properly balance chords within sections and among sections.
  • Understand that arranging for outdoor performance is different than indoor performance.
  • Write to the abilities of the ensemble.
  • How how to write tastefully and musically.
  • How keys affect performance.

I believe my 35+ years of experience in the field of arranging, along with my over 1000 compositions and arrangements, make me an excellent arranger.  My experience as an educator on all levels from elementary to university, and knowledge of how to make any ensemble sound bigger means that I can write a great arrangement for any group, of any instrumentation, of any size and it will work.  All of the works found on this website have been either composed and arranged, or arranged by me.

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